Aditya Pantographers

Our Missions

  • Achieve our client's needs for the highest quality and total satisfaction.
  • Develop services which are cost effective and efficient.
  • Develop the skills of our employees, enhance teamwork and creativity.
  • Creative effective project planning and following.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Achieve high standards of occupational health and safety.
  • Ensure the company's profitable growth.

Who we are

We are experts in long-lasting and economic marking of industrial parts to help eliminate forgery. We have been developing and manufacturing high-quality systems for Engraving on Plastic Moulds, Engraving on Rubber Moulds and Indexing Works for over 25 years. We can address our clients' issues exclusively and precisely.

Here at Brighten, our work philosophy focuses on Sincerity and Harmoniousness. We believe that to be the key in building healthy and long-lasting business relationships.


            With more than 25 years in the trade, our team is expertise with the often demanding standards and tight deadlines required of us.


            Our products are often required to fit onto existing jigs or layouts, and our level of accuracy has yet received a single complaint.


            Judging from our reject rate (close to none), we have confidence that our offered solutions will best suit your demands and requirements.


            We rarely use second-rate products. Our acrylics are from France, tape used are from 3M, and machineries from Europe


Leadership Team

Ponraj C

Ponraj C

Founder of Aditya Pantographers

Kasi Rajan

Kasi Rajan

Co-Founder of Aditya Pantographers